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German Style

Gourmet Bratwurst

Let’s Go Hot Dogs serves German bratwursts with New York style toppings. The stall also has the option to convert to an all Christmas stall where any bratwurst can be wrapped in bacon to create a large pig-in-blanket, with the stall front dressed in a New York Christmas theme.

The Menu

The Christmas Dog
A giant pig-in-blanket with stuffing and cranberry sauce, lovingly wrapped in bacon.
Served with sauerkraut, gherkin, crispy onion and curry ketchup sauce.
The Hot One
Served with chilli con carne, japanenos and  chipotle sauce.
The Pulled Pork Dog
Topped with pulled pork, bbq sauce sauce and crispy onion.
The Vegan Dog
Our regular brat in vegan style served with gherkin and sauerkraut. (VG)

All of our food stalls have vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options 

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